MOU_Signing_Ceremony_of_MCB & Tha_Bar_Wa_Project

MOU Signing Ceremony of MCB & Tha Bar Wa Project
On 2018 November 27th, Tha Bar Wa project and Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation(SBFIC) signed MOUs with four leading banks in Myanmar including Myanmar Citizens Bank (MCB) at UMFCCI in Yangon. Under the MOU, Tha Bar Wa project aims to bring out green finance for sustainable industrial production between Banks and SMEs to increase green loans for the next 3 years. Through the project, the banks will be provided with support in setting up SME lending and SME products, green financing techniques and technologies, sustainable industrial production through MFPA. MCB is proud to be a part of the project which is for green finance and sustainable productions in Myanmar with the professionals of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Myanmar Food Processors and Exporters Association (MFPEA), Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC), SWITCH-Asia programme and European Union (EU). #MyanmarCitizensBank #MCB #Thabarwa #project #WWF #MFPEA #SBFIC #SWITCHAsia #EU