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ATMs Locations

No.Location NameAddressTownshipRegion/State
1Bago BranchNo. (11), Min Lann Road, Zineganine (North) Quarter, Bago.Nyaung Lay Pin TspBago
2Bayintnaung BranchNo(Nya-52/A), Yuzana Road, Bayint Naung Market, Mayangone Township, YangonMayan Gone TspYangon
3BoAungKyaw BranchNo(285),Bo Aung Kyaw Road, Kyauktadta Township, Yangon.KyauktadaYangon
4Daw Pone BranchCapital Hypermarket, No(14/E), Minnandar Road, Dawpone Township, YangonDawbon TspYangon
5East Dagon Industrial ZoneNo(50-56), Ka Naung Min Thar Gyi Street & Corner U Phoe Hlaing, East Dagon Industrial Zone, YangonDagonYangon
6G.E.M Co.,LtdNo(113),Insein Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon.HlaingYangon
7Golf Club (9 mile)No(414-B) Pyay Road, Mayangone Tsp, YangonMayan Gone TspYangon
8Hlaing Thar Yar BranchPremier Coffee Co.,Ltd. No(108), SeikKanThar Street , Industrial Zone ( 3 ), HlaingTharYar Township, YangonHlaingtharyaYangon
9HlaingTharYar(Nissin)No(135-136), ThanChatWon U Nyunt Street, Industrial Zone ( 1 ), HlaingTharYar Township, YangonHlaingtharyaYangon
10HleDan CenterNo(3-C/D) Pyay Road & Corner of Hledan Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon.Kamaryurt TspYangon
11Khayan BranchNo(363),Kyauk Tie Road,(3)Quarter, Khayan Township, YangonKhayan TspYangon
12Kyauktada Head OfficeNo.(256/260), Sule Pagoda Road,Kyauktada Township, Yangon.KyauktadaYangon
13Kyauktadta BranchMyanmar Port Authority , No(10), PanSoeDan Road, Kyauktadta Township, YangonKyauktadaYangon
14Kyi Myin Taing BranchNo(526), Ground floor,Lower Kyi Myin Taing Road,Kyi Myin Taing Township, Yangon.Kyeemyindine TspYangon
15Latha BranchNo. (444), Corner of 17th & Strand Road, Latha Township, Yangon.Latha TspYangon
16Magway BranchNo.(56), Pyi Taw Thar Road, Yan Pal Quarter, MagwayMagwayMagway
17Mandalay Branch (1)No. (22), BL (604),Corner of 27th Street & 81st Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay
18Mandalay Branch (2)Bl. (721), Corner of 73th Street & 27th Street,Seiktayamahi Ward, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay
19Mandalay Branch (4)Bl.(645), No.(305), 80th street,Corner of 35th st & 36th st, Hayma Marlar Ward, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, MandalayAungmyaytharzan TspMandalay
20Mandalay Branch (5)No.(Ta/4-31),62nd street, Between Ngu Pyar st & Thazin st, Myo Thit (1) ward, Chan Mya Thar Zi Township, Mandalay .Chan Mya Thar Si TspMandalay
21Mandalay Branch (6)No.(24), (26-B) street, Between 86th st & 87th Sts, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, MandalayAungmyaytharzan TspMandalay
22Mandalay Branch (7)No.(442),80th street, Between 27th st & 28th st, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay .Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay
23Mawlamyine BranchNo.236, Lower Main Road,Shwe Taung Quarter,Mawlamyine.MawlamyineMon
24Myaung Mya BranchNo. (87), Corner of U Ba Cho Street & 5th Street , 4th Quarter, Myaung MyaMyaung MyaAyeyarwady
25Myawaddy BranchNo(106),4 Quarter, East Gate of Shwe Myin Won Pagoda ,Corner of Dardu Kalayar,Bayint Naung Main Road,Myawaddy Township, Kayin State.
26Myeik BranchNo. (92), Bogyoke Road, Seik Nge Ward, MyeikMyeikTanintaryi
27Myoma Market BranchNo(Pa/29), PwelYoneTann, Nay Pyi Taw Myo Ma Market, Dakkhina District, ZaBuThiri Tsp, Nay Pyi Taw.Detkhinathiri TspNaypyitaw
28Nay Pyi Taw Branch (3)Ministry of Commerce ( Office 3), Nay Pyi TawZayar Thiri TspNaypyitaw
29Nay Pyi Taw Branch(2)Ministry of Commerce ( Office 52 ), Nay Pyi TawNaypyitaw
30NayPyiTaw BranchCapital Hypermarket ( Nay Pyi Taw ), Yar Za Thein Ga Ha Street, NayPyiTawZayar Thiri TspNaypyitaw
31North Okkalapa BranchNo(454/A), Khay Mar Thi Road, Gagyi Ward, North Okkalapa Township, YangonNorth OakkalaYangon
32Pabedan Mini BranchNo. (228/240), Ministry of Commerce, Strand Road, Pabedan Township,YangonPabedan TspYangon
33Pakokku BranchNo. (59), Coner of Myo Ma Street And Kutheinnaryone Street, 8th Quarter, Pakokku, MagwayPakokkuMagway
34Pazundaung BranchNo(31-33/A,B), Anawrahtar Road, Near 56 Street, Pazuntaung Township, YangonPazuntaung TspYangon
35People’s Park (G & G Convenience Store)No. (S-1) Damazady Road, Pyay East ward, People Park, Dagon Township,Yangon.DagonYangon
36SanChaung BranchTwin Centro Condo,Shop(1),Ground floor,1st,2nd,3rd floor shop ,Baho Road,San Chaung Township,Yangon.SanchaungYangon
37Saw Bwar Gyi Gone BranchNo.(919), 10th mile, Pyay Road, Saw Bwar Gyi Gone, Insein Township, YangonInsein TspYangon
38Shwe Bo BranchNo(2) Ward, Yan Gyi Aung Road ,Kyone Taw Twin Ward, Shwe Bo Region, SagaingShwe BoSagaing
39Tarchileik BranchNo.(1/155),Aung Chan Thar Condo,Bo Gyoke Street,San Sai (Kha) Quarter,Tarchileik Township,Shan State.
40Taunggyi BranchNo.(208), Yay Htwet Oo Road, Kan Shae Quarter, Taunggyi, Southern Shan State.TaunggyiShan
41Thar Kay Ta BranchPremier Coffee Co.,Ltd. No(299/A), MyaMarLar Street, TharKayTa Industrial Zone, TharKayTa Township, YangonTharkaytaYangon
42Yaw Min Gyi (1)CDSG ( Capital Diamond Star Group) N0(9/C2), YawMin Gyi Street, Dagon Township, YangonDagonYangon
43Yaw Min Gyi (2)CDSG ( Capital Diamond Star Group) N0(9/C7), YawMin Gyi Street, Dagon Township, YangonDagonYangon

ATM Safety

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are now an integral part of our day-to-day financial needs. Located at convenient locations like malls and supermarkets, ATMs have simplified personal cash management. While our ATM experiences have gotten better and better over the years, the frequency of ATM frauds has also increased.

For your security, we recommend that you change your ATM PIN regularly. Simply visit any MCB ATM and select the “Change PIN” option for an instant PIN change.